Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Shadows cast by disk-embedded planets

A recent theory paper by Hannah Jang-Condell (U. Maryland) examines the shadows that might be cast by recently-formed planets as they orbit within the circumstellar disk in which they formed. Her numerical models show that the planet's gravity will 'depress' the disk there. If that disk were then viewed by an astronomer at optical wavelengths, then that depressed spot would resemble a dark pothole, since that depression is not illuminated by the central star (see Figure). The exception is at the pothole's far side, which would instead appear as an illuminated bright spot. Note that extra-solar planets are difficult to see via direct imaging. However this work suggests a new technique that might be used to discover unseen planets indirectly---by searching for these planet's darkened potholes and dimples that they create in a planet-forming disk.

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